How to verify Skrill account

Skrill (Moneybookers) has certain restrictions on the turnover of money when you deposit or withdraw funds from the system. The basic limits are rather low and not comfortable use within the payment system:
Как верифицировать адрес, счет и карту в skrill

  • € 1000 - the maximum one-time transaction amount
  • € 2500 - general amount for all transaction
  • € 1000 - a maximum withdrawal amount

Having fully verified your Skrill account, you can get rid of those restrictions and get an unlimited account.

Having fully verified your Skrill account, you can get rid of those restrictions and get an unlimited account.
If you fill out the application form on our website, you will be able to pass the verification within 24 hours.

In all other cases, the verification procedure takes several weeks.

To complete verification and get unlimited Skrill account you have to:

Fill out application form specifying Skrill account e-mail and Skrill ID,

make the request for verification.

VipDeposits manager will send you the instruction for sending a packet of documents during the day after receiving your request.

In order to pass full verification in Skrill (which includes verification of identity and addresses), prepare the following documents in advance - color copies (scans) of originals, each image no more than 5 MB.

Color copy of your passport (main page);

A document confirming your address. It must be issued no earlier than three months before the submission to Skrill. Any document from the list is suitable:

Utility bill;
The bank document specifying 4 parameters:

  • your full name;
  • the address you specified at Skrill;
  • bank seal;
  • bank worker’s signature.

Make a selfie (a picture of you) holding an ID document.

Sending the documents to Skrill

Send the mentioned-above documents to the following address (only for VipDeposits customers).

Important: VipDeposits clients get their accounts verified within 24 hours.

Before sending the documents, make sure you comply with the following rules:

There should be user’s ID / company names indicated in the subject of your email - Skrill / VipDeposits,

for example: 12345678/Skill/VipDeposits;

The documents must be signed as follows:

  • Account ID_1.jpg, Account ID_2.jpg, Account ID_3.jpg and so on. For instance, if you send passport scan and bank statement, you must name you ID document like Account ID_1, and your address documents – Account ID_2, where ID - is your Skrill account number;
  • or ID_DL.jpg, ID_AB.jpg, ID_Selfie.jpg, where ID is your Skrill account number, DL – passport, driving license, AB - a copy of the document confirming your address of residence, and Selfie – actually your selfie picture.

The documents should not be cut or changed in Adobe Photoshop, Windows editor or with the help of any other graphic tools. Any editing of the document will be considered as an attempt to falsify a document, and it will not pass the verification.

Important! VipDeposits helps to verify accounts within 1 days only for those who filled out the application form.

Just leave your account details (ID and email) and our manager will take care of everything else!

Note that VipDeposits will never ask for your personal information or documents.

Become a participant from the Skrill + VipDeposits program!


If you already have a Skrill account, proceed to step 2 and complete the form.


Fill in the application form below

After filling out the application, you will receive an e-mail from VipDeposits, confirming your participation in the program.