What is Skrill payment provider?

Skrill (Moneybookers) is the most popular payment system among professional betters, stock exchange and poker players. Using Skrill you can instantly make deposits in poker-rooms/bookmaker websites/ online casinos, transfer money between users and ATM withdrawal cash worldwide.

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Skrill registration procedure is very simple. You need only email address to send or receive money by Skrill. All input and output poker room, payments are commission free as for pokerooms, betting websites and online casino. That is why Skrill is leader among payment providers in the online gambling sphere.

The verification procedure with VipDeposits is very simple. It allows to receive the unlimited account and more transaction and payment benefits. Using Skrill Prepaid MasterCard card you get access to your account in any ATM and shops worldwide. The Skrill VIP statuses give the chance to use benefits without limits of amount transfer or the number of multiple currency accounts.

Skrill can be compared to more popular PayPal payment provider, but difference that Skrill is focused on Europe and Asia. At present Skrill operates in many countries of Eastern Europe and countries of the former USSR, as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc. Also Skrill is among the few payment service providers are available payments on the eBay platform.

The Skrill e-wallet is an excellent method to provide your bankroll safety. All financial transactions are easily performed using e-mail and the password, and you haven’t to specify any personal data. Skrill account is also reliably protected, the entrance to the account is possible only after passing of two-stage authentication.

And it is important that Skrill is in Great Britain, and laws of the countries limiting poker or betting don't apply to it.

Why is Skrill so good?

  • Simple registration: to sign up Skrill you need only e-mail address
  • Internal and external transactions are commission free in poker rooms, betting websites and online casino
  • Instant and free commission transactions
  • The low transaction fees as inside, and out of the Skrill systemWhy Skrill is so good?
  • The Skrill Prepaid MasterCard card for cash withdrawal and payment of purchases in shops worldwide, but only for the countries of the zone SEPA
  • The unlimited account with VipDeposits
  • Creation of accounts in several currencies
  • The increased account safety and refund guarantee
  • Convenience: you can make the deposits, transfer funds to other user, withdrawal cash, pay purchase, recharge Skype, phone, etc. using Skrill account
  • 24/7 VIP-support

Fees: Skrill vs Webmoney

Transaction type of Skrill (VIP Silver) of WebMoney

Transaction typeSkrill (VIP Silver)Webmoney
Replenishment from the bank accountFreeFree
Replenishment from the bank cardFreeFree
Withdrawal to bank accountFree0,8% + bank fees
Skrill internal transactionsFree0,8%, max. 50$

What is the Skrill VIP statuses?

Every user can get one of the Skrill VIP statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. The Skrill VIP status depends on a deposit amount user made: higher transactions provide higher level and remuneration.

VIP statusRequired quarter deposit amount for status receiptRequired quarter deposit amount for VipDeposits’ clients
VIP Bronze6000 EUR3000 EUR
VIP Silver15000 EUR5000 EUR
VIP Gold45000 EUR15000 EUR
VIP Diamond90000 EURon request

VipDeposits gives the VIP-statuses quicker and more simply:

VIP Bronze Skrill

VIP Bronze status receipt

The regular client quarter deposit - €6 000

The VipDeposits’ client quarter deposit - €3 000

VIP Silver status receipt

VIP Silver status receipt

The regular client quarter deposit - €15 000

The VipDeposits’ client quarter deposit - € 5 000

Skrill limit increasing

Skrill limit increasing

The regular client - 21 days

The VipDeposits’ client - the unlimited account in 2 days

Account verification Skrill

Account verification

The regular client - 21 days

The VipDeposits’ client - 2 days

Get the VIP status in two days with VipDeposits and use benefits of Skrill VIP club!

What benefits do you get with Skrill VIP status?

  • Decreased Skrill internal transaction fees: for usual users - 1,9%, max € 20; for VIP Bronze - max € 10 ; for VIP Silver, Gold, Diamond — 0%;
  • unlimited account;
  • Skrill Prepaid MasterCard card, but only for clients in SEPA zone countries;
  • increased cash withdrawal limits - € 5000 per day on the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard card;
  • additional accounts in other currency;
  • your account safety due to two-stage authentication;
  • VIP client support.

Please, learn more about VIP Skrill status privileges, fill in the Request form and get all benefits with VipDeposits.

If you have questions as for Skrill VIP status receipt, or you want to learn more about the verification, please, contact us.

Skrill safety is provided by two instruments such as:

Skrill Security Token is the small device in the form of a charm is created for safe remote access to your e-wallet of Skrill. This electronic key is intended for additional protection of means of VIP users of Skrill: in case of each entrance to the account you will need to enter the unique one-time password generated by security token.

!!! Skrill Security Token is not used since June, 2016. However everybody having it can continue to use it.

Recently unique Skrill account security was available only as Security Token for VIP users. The integration of Two Factor Authentication provided account security to all Skrill clients.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication as known as 2FA is an additional security level of your Skrill account. It’s also called multifactor authentication which requires to use not only login and the password, but also a special code is available only using your cell phone.

How to include two factor authentication

Step 1:

Open Setup – Settings inlay and click to “Connect” opposite to "Two Factor Authentication" item.

Step 1: Two Factor Authentication

Step 2:

Press Set up Two Factor Authentication button.

Step 2: Two Factor Authentication

Step 3:

Setup Authenticator Google app to your cell phone. Using app scan the QR-code is located below and enter an app code in the field from point 3 (on a screenshot).

Step 3: Two Factor Authentication

- Press the Verify and Save button

- After that you receive reserve codes which will be useful if you can’t use Google Authenticator or you lose the phone.

- Don't tell anybody the reserve codes. Each code you can use only 1 time.

Two factor authentication is set up. Now every time you login to Skrill account or transfer the funds the system will request a special safety code for two factor authentication.

What to do if there is no two factor authentication in your settings?

In this case you have to send the following letter to the help@skrill.com:


I would like to have 2FA enabled for my account. I'm aware that you offer a physical security token for a similar purpose but I don't wish to order it at this time.

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: As of now, I don't have the 2FA tab in my interface, please add it and let me know.

Within 2 working days you will able to set up two factor authentication.

How to generate more reserve codes

- To generate more reserve codes, set off two factor authentication and set up it again. After repeated authentication setup you’ll receive new codes.

- All previous codes automatically will become invalid.

Is it possible to use Skrill Security Token and 2FA at the same time?

No, it isn’t. It is possible to use just one of them. If you want to connect two factor authentication, then before you have to disconnect Skrill Security Token.

Become a participant from the Skrill + VipDeposits program!


If you already have a Skrill account, proceed to step 2 and complete the form.


Fill in the application form below

After filling out the application, you will receive an e-mail from VipDeposits, confirming your participation in the program.