Virtual single use ecoVirtual card has especially been created for the secure payments through the Internet. You can enter your card data without any worries because after the payment is done it will be deactivated. If there is a need you can always create a new one. There is also no need to refill the card because the ecoPayz balance equals the sum on your card. It cannot be stolen or lost.

You can create ecoVirtualcard in 3 currency forms:  € Euro, £ GBP or $ USD. In such a way you can save 2,99% for a conversion.

How can you get ecoVirtualcard?

Select “ecoVirtualcard” in a menu on the left. Now you have to choose an account to which this card will be added and the currency of a card. Then click “Continue” and your card is ready.

ecoVirtualcard fees

  • Card issue and activation - 1,8€.
  • Deposits to the gambling sites, which includes Poker, Casino, Betting, Forex, Options etc. - 4% (minimum charge 0,8€).
  • Transaction processing - Free.
  • Balance enquiry - Free.
  • Update of customer details - Free.
  • Card cancellation - Free.
  • Currency conversion - 2,99%.

ecoVirtualcard limits

  • Min transaction - No limits.
  • Max single transaction - 700€.
  • Max number of cards per day (all currencies) - 4.
  • Card life - 12 months.