ecoPayz + Vipdeposits together is an advantageous offer

Vipdeposits offers to try all the benefits of ecoPayz which include:

Cashback is up to 1% from all deposits

Free ecoCard Mastercard*

Free transactions inside the system

is a payment system which was founded in 2000. The company has been established in United Kingdom and is controlled by FCA starting from 2008. That means that your funds are saved in a safe place. Besides you will be able to do instant deposits on the casino sites, in Poker’s rooms, on the sports betting sites, on Forex and so on. You can easily and safely withdraw your funds as well as pay in.

With VipDeposits you will get more:

  • Instantly receive Gold Status after verification.
  • Unlimited amount of accounts in different currencies.
  • ecoCard Mastercard* is totally free.
  • Transaction  between ecoPayz  accounts is 0%.
  • Accelerated verification of the documents.
  • Currency conversion is half of the price.
  • Raising the limits for transactions.
  • Opportunity to upgrade an account to the maximum level of VIP status.
  • A virtual card for a safe payment through the Internet.
  • Individual help for every client.

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