ecoPayz account levels

The more your account status on ecoPayz the more advantages you will get. Clients of VipDeposits will get the Gold status instantly after the verification process. We have selected the main differences between the statuses:

Service Classic Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Withdrawal to bank account No 5.90-10.00 EUR 5.90-10.00 EUR 5.90-10.00 EUR 2.90-7.00 EUR
Inter-accounts transfer
(between own sub accounts)
No Free Free Free Free
Transfer to another ecoAccount No 1,5%
(min 0,5 EUR)
Free Free Free
Currency conversion 2,99% 2,99% 1,49% 1,49% 1,25%
Total per lifetime limits
(includes deposits, transfers and withdrawals cumulatively)
€2500 No limit No limit No limit No limit
Maximum account balance €2500 €15 000 €50 000 €75 000 €85 000
Max monthly deposit from credit card No €10 000 €20 000 €30 000 €50 000
Max monthly transfer to another account No €10 000 €20 000 €30 000 €50 000
Max monthly transfer to ecoPayz merchants No €100 000 €125 000 €150,000 €175 000 and more

Other rates and limits can be seen there.

Conditions of getting statuses*

*These conditions can be applied only to the VipDeposits clients.

For getting the Gold status you have to be registered with the help of our link, fill in and send a request and pass through verification of your identity and your address. After verifying you documents you will immediately get the Silver and then the Gold status. A notification about it will come to your mail.

In order to get the VIP status you are to do all mentioned above and after that top up your ecoPayz account up to 10.000 euro.

Comparison of conditions about  getting statuses

Level VipDeposits clients Regular account
Gold Pass through the verification of your identity and address
  • Successfully verified a credit or debit card
  • Sent us proof of your address and identity
  • Deposited a total of 5,000 Euros or 2,500 Euros by credit card (or currency equivalent)
  • Held a Silver ecoAccount for 30 days
  • Transferred to merchants the cumulative amount of 25,000 Euro or more (or currency equivalent)
VIP Top up your ecoPayz account up to 10000 euro.
  • Have the Platinum status within 30 days,
  • Make deposits  up to 250000 euro