Creation and registration of a new account on ecoPayz

  1. Follow our link to go straight to the registration page. You can choose English or any other language.
  2. Please, write your nick for entering the ecoPayz system into the first fill-in field. Then complete the field with true information. All data should be written in Latin script in the way it is written in your foreign passport or on your plastic bank card. The address should be the same to which you will later order your eсoCard MasterCard  and which can be also confirmed by the  account statement or by your public utility bill. Click “Create account” button.
  3. A page will be opened where you have to click “Account preview”. At the opened page you will see your status and the account number consisting of 10 numbers. The number of card deposits will be unlimited and the limit of deposits will be only 2500 euros. Please, notice that your account may be inactive for some hours. Don’t worry it is a short standard verification of ecoPayz.
  4. First, you need to confirm your email address. For this go to ”Free Upgrade” (menu to the left) or to “Find out more and apply” (down the page) and click “Verify your e-mail address.

  5. Then you will see a confirming letter where you should click “Yes.
  6. Then go to your mail and open the letter from . If you haven’t received the letter you have to check spam inbox or ask ecoPayz support. In the ecoPayz letter you have to click “Verify your email.
  7. Then you will be brought to the page with such notification: ”You have successfully confirmed your email address”.  A tick about successful email confirmation will appear.
  8. Then you have to set up a security question in case you forget the password and want to renew it. Please, set up a question and the answer and click “Update.
  9. So two required steps have been passed and you are now ready for personal identification.
  10. Be attentive! Do not use internal ecoPayz system for verifying your documents. It should be reminded that verification process with VipDeposits is done in high-priority accelerated order.

Identity verification

For identity verification prepare a list to choose from:

  • National identity document (passport) with your photo.
  • Driving licence (both sides).
  • ID card (both sides).

Address verification

For address verification prepare a list to choose from:

  • Public utility bill where your name and surname can be clearly seen with the address which has to be the same as you mentioned on ecoPayz.
  • Bank statement with your address, first and last names, the bank stamp with the signature of one of its workers.
  • Another document which can confirm your address. Please consider that postal receipts, letters and any other receipts that have not legal value are not considered as documents.

Documents requirements

Documents should be of a good quality, clear and easy -to- read. The size of such documents may be around 1Mb. Remember, if the documents are not enough clear for reading they will not be accepted and you will lose your time for transmission and waiting.

Where to be sent?

Documents should be sent from the email which was registered on ecoPayz account. Email with the subject line: Vipdeposits docs.


The timeframe of documents verification can take from 1 hour to 1-2 working days.

Having sent your documents, please send a request with your data in order we can register you in our VIP programme.