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ecoAccount для бизнеса

ecoPayz offers a comfortable, easy, and safe online payment solution for gambling and trading companies.

Integration with ecoPayz is a confident step towards increasing profits and improving profitability of your business.

ecoPayz for business provides you with the following benefits:

 быстрый прием платежей от пользователей со всего мира
Fast incoming payments from users from all over the world
Cross-platform solution
Transactions in 45 currencies

About payments security

By choosing ecoPayz as a payment tool for your business, you guarantee a high security level for your clients’ accounts and transactions.

The basis of ecoPayz security system implies the following:

identification, which includes real-time ID & age verification;
decrease in the number of disputed transactions;
PCI DSS compliant data protection with 256-bit encryption & multiple firewalls;
strong anti-fraud control;
payments protection;
instant verification of every transaction including the use of security code & real-time monitoring.

It is worth mentioning that...

in 2014 ecoPayz was nominated in the category of “Anti-fraud / Security solutions 2014 by the Payments Awards for the high level of protection againts fraudulent actions of customer’s accounts;
in 2015 ecoPayz became the owner of the prestigious award FStech Awards in the nomination “The best security strategy of the year”.

About transactions

ecoPayz business account is an advantageous solution allowing you to make transactions to your clients, physical entities or personnel in 45 currencies. The benefit is that you pay 0% for every internal transaction.

Business account provides you with the following opportunities:

Pay wages to co-workers with low commission;
Define payment cards and accounts for your personnel;
Make payments in 45 currencies;
Carry out transactions to other business account with no commission and documentation.
Observe personnel expenses in real time;
Monitor account balances and online expenses without boring paperwork.

ecoPayz Business Account Advantages

ecoPayz Business Account Fees

Registration FREE
Bank wire deposit

(Instant deposit, local or international bank deposit, local services)
Alternative currency deposit FREE
Withdrawal to bank account** 5.90-10.00 EUR*
Transfer between Expense Accounts*** FREE
Transfer to a Member ecoAccount

(sender pays)
1.00% (min 0.50 EUR)
Transfer to another Business Account

(sender pays)
1.50% (min 0.50 EUR)
Currency conversion*** 2.99%
Account maintenance after inactivity of 12 months 5.00 EUR per month

* The exact fee depends on the options available in your region and on your country of residence.

** Subject to correspondent bank fees and charges for international transfers.

*** Whenever a currency conversion is required to complete a transaction, PSI will automatically calculate the currency conversion rates and add a currency conversion fee.

ecoPayz Business Account Limits

Bank wire deposit
Min single transaction No minimum amount
Max single transaction 250,000.00 EUR
Max daily/weekly/monthly 250,000.00 EUR/500,000.00 EUR/2,000,000.00 EUR
Withdrawal to Bank Account
Min single transaction 100.00 EUR
Max single transaction 250,000.00 EUR
Max daily/weekly/monthly 250,000.00 EUR/500,000.00 EUR/2,000,000.00 EUR
Transfer to Member Account
Min single transaction No minimum amount
Max single transaction 50,000.00 EUR
Max daily/weekly/monthly 200,000.00 EUR/200,000.00 EUR/400,000.00 EUR
Transfer to Business Account
Min single transaction No minimum amount
Max single transaction 50,000.00 EUR
Max daily/weekly/monthly 50,000.00 EUR/100,000.00 EUR/400,000.00 EUR

Why you should start cooperating with ecoPayz today?

Как подключить ecoPayz для бизнеса

Creating a business ecoAccount is a profitable decision as ecoPayz guarantees:

  • fast & free integration of the payment platform;
  • no rolling reserve;
  • various commissions for gambling and binary trading websites;
  • personal manager support regarding all related issues on every stage of cooperation.

Recently, ecoPayz has been actively developing within the world market, which allows to significantly increase a competitive ability of every business and take it to a compeletely new level.  

To connect ecoPayz as a payment method on your website, please fill out the form below and we will contact you in the shortest time.

Important! ecoPayz provides its services only for online gambling (excluding lotteries) and forex trading, stock exchange and binary option websites.

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