Cashback on ecoPayz

All VipDeposits clients accrue up to 1.0% cashback for every deposit. The cashback amount depends on the amount of deposits which you have been making for a whole month and can be calculated on the following data:

Transfers from ecoPayz to any merchant Monthly ecoPayz cashback
0 – 50,000 EUR 0,6%
50,001 – 100,000 EUR 0,8%
More than 100,000 EUR 1%

What is considered a deposit?

A deposit is any transaction to the Poker’s Rooms, to the casino sites, to the betting sites, to the Forex’s brokers, to Options, to the lotteries or shops. Transactions whether from ecoPayz account or from ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard are also counted.

Cashbacks are not paid from deposits to your ecoPayz account for a cash withdrawal from above mentioned merchants, for the transactions to other ecoPayz clients or between your accounts, for a payment in offline shops, for the transactions through ATM or for a transfer from your account to a bank.

When is a cashback paid?

It is paid from the 20th to the 25th of the next month for the previous one. For example: on the 20th to the 25th of August you will get the cashback for the total turnover of July. A payment is made directly to your ecoPayz wallet in euro or in another currency converted at an internal rate.

In order to get your cashback you have to be registered with the help of our link and fill in the request form on our site and pass the verification of your identity and your address.

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