Comparison of the ecoPayz, Skrill and NETELLER

ecopayz-logo150x43 skrill-logo250x83 neteller Logo small
Additional multi-currency accounts Yes, Unlimited +1 VIP Silver
+2 VIP Gold
+3 VIP Diamond
+1 VIP Silver
+2 VIP Gold
+3 VIP Platinum & Diamond
Transfer to another account Free 1% (max 5 EUR) VIP Bronze
Free for VIP Silver & Gold & Diamond
1% (max 10 USD) VIP Bronze 

Free for VIP Silver & Gold & Platinum & Diamond

Currency conversion 1,49% 1.99-3,39% depends on status From 1% to 2,59% depends on status
Exchanges with other payment systems Allowed Forbidden Forbidden
Cashback To 1% No From 0,4 to 1,13% depends on status

5 main advantages of ecoPayz

Multi-currency accounts

As compared to Skrill and Neteller, ecoPayz allows its clients to open unlimited amount of accounts in different currencies. Besides that, you can order three cards with different currencies. This will help you to make a long-term saving of your money while converting.

It is notorious that the merchants like the poker’s rooms, the betting sites and the casino can sometimes limit the choice of currencies when you register your account. It is so because they are obliged to do it by International Standards and Regulations Organization. It can cost you some unforeseen costs while converting currencies. Taking that into account players tend to change offices and this problem has become the tipping point for choosing obvious advantages of ecoPayz.

Free transactions inside the system

In NETELLER and Skrill the commission for internal transfers depends on the VIP status and is:

  • 1,9% (max $ / € 20 *) - for usual users;
  • 1% (max $ / € 10 *) – for VIP Bronze
  • and free for VIP Silver & Gold & Platinum & Diamond.

* $  - for NETELLER users and  € - for Skrill.

Inside the ecoPayz system all the  transfers between its  clients are free. This enables you to save some decent sums at a distance. Especially it is important for the poker or betting teams who often send funds to each other.

Low currency conversion rate - 1,49%

Converting the currencies has always been a great part of income for any payment system. Clients don’t usually elaborate about it or even don’t notice it. But it takes a large amount of your money. For example, in Skrill the commission for some currencies conversion is up to 3, 5 % of a sum. For the VIP client there is a discount but it is still much.

And a great advantage of ecoPayz is that converting commission for our clients is as little as 1, 49% for inner payments and transactions.

Exchanges are not forbidden

Those who have been mingling in gambling society for a long time for sure are aware of the facts when Skrill and Neteller accounts were blocked for having done exchanging  between users to other paying systems. Unfortunately, companies forbid doing this and are thoroughly monitoring those who break the rules.

The ecoPayz rules don’t forbid exchanges and it really simplifies the life. You can easily add to your account with the help of your friend or the exchanging systems like: Webmoney, PayPal or Perfect Money and so on. This will not cost you much if not at all. You can also save at this step.

Cashback is up to 1%

This exclusive offer from VipDeposits has no equals in the world of payment systems. This item of income cannot only be the method of defrayment but for someone it can even appear a source of income. Once a month you will get from 0,6% to 1,0% from every deposit made in the poker’s rooms, on betting sites, on Forex, on the Options sites and so on. There is no need to send any reports or any other additional actions. Just make your deposits like usual and get your cashback to ecoPayz.

Additional advantages of ecoPayz

ecoPayz cards*

Cards are some great advantage of EcoPayz. Two types of cards are offered:  ecoCard prepaid MasterCard  and ecoVirtualcard.

ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard 250 250EcoCard prepaid MasterCard is a bank plastic card with your name which enables you to withdraw your money through ATM throughout the world and also make your payments in online and offline shops. Withdrawing your money you will be anonymous to any service and that is also one of the advantages. An issue, delivery and service are free of charge.  All other fees can be found out here.

EcoVirtualcard is a single-use card for safe payments through the Internet. You can easily create it for a minute. Your card balance is actually your ecoPayz balance. After the payment is done the card will be deactivated. No criminal can steal your money from your account because it can be used only once. So if you are doubt about safety of your gadget then easily create ecoVirtual card and pay without any risk.

Security and speed

We all know the importance of security for our funds. Unfortunately, most of the payment systems are not under proper control or got their licences and documents from non-governmental body. More often they are registered in the offshore zones. It is dangerous to keep money in such systems.

ecoPayz is a system which was registered in United Kingdom with the number 0589916 and with the following legal address: Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1TL, England. It was authorised by supervision body of  Financial Conduct Authority and is a part of  Payment Card Industry compliant (PCI), Data Security Standards compliant (DSS), Electronic Money Association (EMA), MasterCard, Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This respectable list can give enough assurance for the ecoPayz clients.

Request processing speed and transactions are also the important factors for online society. Here ecoPayz also shows great results. All transactions are made in a matter of seconds. Documents verification for the VipDeposits  clients can only take less than hour during working days.

All previously mentioned factors show that ecoPayz is a dignified choice.

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